As of Thursday, February 21st 2019, Guardian Tree Paleo is closed for business. The food we served made us proud and the service we brought to our community was worth the effort. The last year brought about an incredible pace of learning. It was a truly enjoyable experience from the beginning. To the regulars that appreciated a healthier option in the neighborhood, we will miss you. Thank you for your patronage.


Brian Cole

Locally Sourced × GLUTEN-FREE


Guardian Tree serves nutritious, paleo-friendly food in NE Portland.

Guardian Tree is dedicated to serving the community nutritious, vegetable- and meat-forward cuisine that leaves processed, starch-heavy meals by the wayside. Something wonderful happens to your palate when you replace indulgences with whole foods. Fat becomes a vehicle for the brilliance of vegetables. Meat adds a layer of umami and complexity. Naturally fermented pickles shine through to bring contrast. Satisfaction is the reward to a mind and body convinced of its health. All of this is our aim. Our framework is laid by the local farmers, artisans and growers we promote. We strive to make a menu that is healthful, delicious and doesn’t break the bank. You know, that Pacific Northwest dream.





5429 NE 42nd Ave
Portland, OR 97218



Wed - Sat 12 to 8p



Heirloom varieties of quinoa, which add an unexpected crunchy texture to our dishes, while retaining a gluten-free, paleo-friendly standard

Farm-raised chicken


From van lifer to professional disc golfer and career cook, Brian Cole has found his calling as Chef and Owner of Guardian Tree Mobile Kitchen.

Brian was born in the Midwest and gained an appreciation for cooking from his mother. After earning a Culinary Arts degree from the Secchia Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2012, he moved to Portland, Oregon. Brian has since worked in a variety of positions, from garde manger, to grill and sauté. His affinity for organization and communication allowed him to thrive in a variety of kitchens, from high-quality yacht clubs in northern Michigan to high-volume fine dining in Portland.

Brian doesn’t shy away from taking leaps others wouldn’t. In 2015, a sabbatical from cooking led him to pursue competitive disc golf. During that time, he experienced a formidable amount of growth and development in his career and personal life. Having grown accustomed to the indulgent food around him, Brian changed his diet and exercise routine to become the best competitive athlete he could be. After two years of competing around Oregon and the U.S., Brian was left with a renewed sense of motivation and a desire to work for himself.  

Through his volunteer efforts with Friends of Pier Park and Stumptown Disc Golf Club, Brian has become dedicated to the growth and health of the Portland community. You can now find him residing in the Cully neighborhood with his dog, Zeus, or throwing discs at the park. Brian looks forward to Guardian Tree bringing together the community for unique paleo dishes.